Where have I been?

A big HELLO to all!

I hope all of you out there are happy, healthy and are following your dreams.  I must say I haven’t been the best blogger and I am now determined to stay on my game of communicating in this advanced world of technology.

First and foremost, “Celebrate Your Life” is in the final stages of creation.  Mixing and Mastering are on the table along with final peformance tweaks.  Also some new guest artists will be featured  – very exciting stuff!

My GoFundMe campaign is doing well, but a little more help from my friends never hurts!  Thank you again to all my supporters and thank you in advance to my new contributors!




4 thoughts on “Where have I been?”

  1. i met you at m.j. christensen when you guys came to play for our kids and i was very impressed with how you play the keys wish i had the skills .but yougave me your card and i will get back to you or your wife to set up some lessons and have a good tour with barry. you are a great cat man stay up brother.

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